Indispensable Online Services for Webmasters

Since my first experience in registering a domain name and launching a website, I’ve always encountered problems that I never though there would be a solution for them. But I eventually solved almost all of them.

Imagine a tyro who likes  to use his/her own email address, not Yahoo!, Gmail or Live.  Think about it when he/she wants to launch a neat website for the classmates to update the university news and share educational files on it.

I’m gonna introduce some online services which have been proved to be undoubtedly useful and reliable. In my opinion they are best in their job. You might see some famous services that you already know in the first items on this list, but I suggest you reading all the titles so that you might find something new among them.


WordPress logo

I’m sure 90(!) percent of you have already tried WordPress as your content management system to create a website and you have realized that it’s the most perfect option to create a neat website :-). For those ten percent that have not already decided what to use as a content management system, you are so lucky to have WordPress as your final choice. It’s been made to “Make the Internet a Better Place”. – Get WordPress


Cloudflare logo

I f you haven’t heard about Cloudflare yet, you might not believe that there is a  service that accepts  a considerable amount of the load on your server (or host) at no cost. In the other words It’s a free CDN.

Cloudflare is not just a CDN. It has many other capabilities that I’m gonna gonna introduce some of them briefly.

  • Professional DNS Management
  • Smart Firewall
  • Reduce css and js file size and cache them to serve to visitors (without affecting the main files on your server)
  • Detailed analytics of your visitors
  • Free SSL certificates for your webpages

You only need to change your existing nameservers to those you get from Cloudflare after you sign up for a Cloudflare account.

The list will be updated …

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