Writing… Why and How to Write?

It’s been a long time since last time I updated my blog. I really needed to write. Today I like to write about writing. Because I have found some ways that I would like to share with you. Some ways that I’ve not tested yet for myself!

I think writing is a great way to express your feelings in a way that you cannot say orally or immediately while speaking. Some feelings need to be worked on to be best formed into words. Because the way you explain what you think is important and affects the audience.

Sometimes some people might say that “why should I write something to someone and not just keeping it to myself.” I think you should try writing at least several times and see if it’s working and if it can help you. Then you can decide. Because everything is not supposed to work for everybody.

If you are at the start of this I suggest you write anonymously about your thoughts and feelings about life and provide it to someone without letting them to know that it’s from you. But make sure they read it. If you think that you need feedback, you can ask them to let you know what they think about it by giving them some ways to send their comments (anonymously again).

You don’t have to be anonymous if you’re OK with sharing your writings directly with your friends or family.

But what to write about? This is the whole story! I think feelings about what happens around us is a good start.  You also need to have a real desire to write. However, you make the decision.

I think this post is very incomplete and needs more to be discussed, so I guess I’ll update it later in here or in a new post and link to it from here.

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