Last Days, Bad Days! Summer Holiday

I think the worst days of the year is the last days of summer. Because it’s so hard to leave home and go back to university! I wish summer never ended or holiday could last for at least three more months! َAnyway it’s a mandatory condition.

I can’t say it was a bad holiday, but it wasn’t also a good holiday and I had enough mistakes to not to use these days at home as well as possible due to my own personal negligence. Lots of people are like me and may also worse in this case, but it’s not a good justification. I think people should always try their best to use their time since we’re never gonna regain the valuable times of our life.  I just remembered a good quote, “The future that you want to make it, starts exactly at this moment”.

As I’ve recently started blogging and I’m not very good at writing in English, so I want to discontinue this post.  Because I don’t want to finish all my words today.

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