A Predictable Humanitarian Disaster is about to Happen in Kobane, They Need Help

I wish I didn’t need to write this post. I never thought that one day something like this happen in this so called modern world. The world must know about Kobane crisis.

Some cities become famous in a short time because of hosting the Winter Olympic Games, like Sochi. another city for an unpredictable disaster (earthquake) like Fukushima. But now the world is waiting for a PREDICTABLE humanitarian disaster in Kobane.

The city is under attack by a terrorist group(ISIL) and this besieged city has people in it including children that may exactly know what will happen if their city surrenders. Some Kurdish groups are still fighting against terror group to protect the city (groups like YPG).

It's time to help Kobane.
It’s time to help Kobane.

I have also heard that some people around the world are voluntary  joining resistant groups to protect the city and fight against the terror group. One of them is Jordan Matson, a U.S. citizen.

Now I think it’s the message of world’s people to world’s leaders, “Prevent a heartbreaking humanitarian disaster before it happens in Kobane”.

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