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Life Changes When You Find Duolingo

A few days ago when I was browsing Google Play Store on my friend’s phone, I suddenly found an application whit a green bird as its icon. It was called Duolingo. When I read the description I realized that it’s a language learning community that offers free courses to learn almost all important languages in the world like French, Spanish, German and so forth.


Then I introduced this program to my friend and he immediately started learning French. After a few days, he was totally impressed by his progress in French. Continue reading Life Changes When You Find Duolingo

How Much Powerful the Servers of Instagram are?

Do you know how many photos are shared on Instagram by users every year? About 22billion photos. Wow, a really powerful and big server is needed.

Now let’s print all these photos that people send to this visual social network. All the photos of this year would reach thousands of miles if they are printed. To zip past the Empire State Building you’ll need the stack of printed photos of just 37 minutes. To climb the Mount Everest, photos of 12 hours is enough. Instagram Header Photo

What about the outer edge of the Earth’s atmosphere? The answer is six Instagram days!

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Cute Birds in Winter

I love these cute and tiny creatures. The birds are really beautiful. I think the birds define the nature. When I see the birds especially in winter I feel excited and happiness because both the birds and the white color of nature are emotional enough to make everybody happy. We just need to forget all pains and try enjoying the time.

Look at these beautiful birds. I hope you enjoy these photos.


Birds in Winter

Colorful Bird in Winter Continue reading Cute Birds in Winter

A Predictable Humanitarian Disaster is about to Happen in Kobane, They Need Help

I wish I didn’t need to write this post. I never thought that one day something like this happen in this so called modern world. The world must know about Kobane crisis.

Some cities become famous in a short time because of hosting the Winter Olympic Games, like Sochi. another city for an unpredictable disaster (earthquake) like Fukushima. But now the world is waiting for a PREDICTABLE humanitarian disaster in Kobane.

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